Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Android - NetQ/NetQFree - 2.6.1


  • FIX: People search not working
  • FIX: Image too large in FWI queue (reported by Tom). If you have movies in your FWI queue with his issue, you will have to remove and re-add them
  • NEW: View Netflix webpage for a movie. You can do this by either selecting the box art on the details screen or using the long-press menu in a list view (suggested by Chip)


  • FIX: Long press of movie in Instant Titles search does not allow you to add to queue
  • FIX: FC when using empty value with Move To..
  • NEW: Add movies that will be available for Instant streaming to Future Watch Instantly Queue. This queue is stored on the device and movies are added from this queue to your Instant queue by Menu->Check Availability when viewing the FWI queue. In the future you will have the option for this check to happen automatically every day (suggested by Brian)
  • NEW: Sort Instant Queue by instant expiration date (suggested by Kurt)
  • NEW: Removed HD icon; now using BluRay and new Instant HD icons
  • NEW: Uses Facebook single sign-on


  • FIX: Error when setting rating (reported by Jeff)


  • FIX: Empty Feeds on Android 2.1 (reported by Stan)
  • NEW: Set default tab (suggested by Raans)


  • FIX: FC with empty search term
  • FIX: FC on search
  • FIX: FC when adding widget before authenticating with Netfix
  • FIX: Removed unnecessary OAuth signing from most Feeds


  • NEW: Using different OAuth library to reduce FCs
  • ENHANCEMENT: Movie details loads slightly faster


  • FIX: ANR on getting authentication URL from Netflix
  • FIX: FC when selecting item in search results
  • FIX: FC when sharing with Facebook
  • FIX: FC with In Theaters
  • NEW: Added barcode button to Search page to highlight function
  • NEW: Expanded Genres
  • ENHANCEMENT: Improved scrolling performance in list views when images are enabled
  • ENHANCEMENT: Browse tab remembers your scroll position when pressing back

  • FIX: Random FCs
  • NEW: Sort by Instant release in Feeds and Genres