Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Android - NetQ - 1.9.8

NetQ now supports multiple accounts! These accounts can be truly separate or just separate profiles.
To use multiple accounts:

  1. From any of the 3 tabs pres your phone's menu button and then select Accounts
  2. On first run you wil be prompted to fetch account information for your default account
  3. To add a new account press your phone's menu button and select Add Account
  4. Read the dialog and press Continue
  5. Log into Netflix with the new account and select to link to NetQ
  6. You will return to the Accounts list which will proceed to fetch the account info for the new account
  7. Select an account to use and you will be returned to NetQ's main tab-interface
  8. You can delete an account from the Accounts list by long pressing the account and selecting Delete User
Please report or email any FCs or other problems you encounter.

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