Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Android - NetQ - 2.4.0

  • FIX: FC with new image loading when loading too many images
  • FIX: FC with "NYT Critics' Picks (theaters)" feed
  • ENHANCEMENT: Faster loading of images in list views
  • ENHANCEMENT: Images instead of text to indicate DVD, BluRay and/or Watch Instantly
  • NEW: Option to show predicted and/or user rating in list views (suggested by Dave). Increases the time it takes to process movies
  • NEW: Queue Cleaner available from Queues->Menu button. Finds movies in both disc and instant queues and removes them from your disc queue (suggested by Matt)
  • NEW: Rating bar now in 3 different colors: green->Netflix average rating; blue->Netflix predicted rating; red->User rating
  • NEW: Added "Copy Title" action to long-press menu (suggested by Dave)
  • FUTURE: Sort options for Queues (suggested by Dave, others)

1 comment:

  1. Samsung Galaxy indulge will not authorize on Netflix third party authorization login!!!!