Monday, October 25, 2010

Android - NetQ/NetQFree -

  • FIX: FCs with new Instant search


  • FIX: Couple of fixes to image loading and list displays
  • NEW: Sort Disc and Instant queues alphabetically and by date added to queue. When using one of these sorts, some queue management options are disabled
  • NEW: When viewing movie details if the movie is in the Disc or Instant queue, you can now press the In Queue button to choose Queue Management options for that movie (Remove, Move, Change Format). Please note that when viewing a season that is in your disc queue the button is disabled
  • ENHANCEMENT: Genre is displayed in list views
  • NEW: The search selection now inludes an Instant Titles option to only search titles available to watch instantly
  • ENHANCEMENT: Cleaned up prefrences by moving WiFi, 3G, and Edge options to their own preference screen

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